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Dear Residents,

Following the last Parish Council meeting it was agreed to conduct an 8-week consultation on how the village car park (located in Lower Stoke, opposite the Nags Head public house) should be reconfigured, to allow for better use of the space.

Please therefore find attached a QR code and a website link to access a questionnaire, which has been very kindly prepared by Cllr P. Egan.

We ask the residents to submit their comments by Monday 30th May, where following the feedback received we will be installing more permanent markings later in the year.

A copy of the QR code can also be found on the village notice boards and in the local shops and take-away establishments.

Many thanks,

Stoke Parish Council

Stoke Kent Parish Council Home
Stoke Kent Parish Council Home


19/09/2021 -  Following the last Parish Council meeting, held on Wednesday 1st September, the village received the following update from Ms G. Bussley of Medway Council: 

The Council continue to undertake maintenance within the area and investigations into the best solutions to stop the flooding. The Highways team continue to monitor the gullies and cleanse them as necessary and have created an asset management regime to ensure that the gullies are regularly cleansed. With the assistance of the Medway Internal Drainage Board ditches within the lower catchment to ensure that water can suitably reach the estuary have been cleared and reprofiled.

After making contact with the UK Power networks the pylon in close proximity to the ditch has now been moved which means that a CCTV survey can now be carried out of the system and maintenance carried out as needed. The Highways team will be undertaking this survey.

The Council have instructed JBA Consulting to carry out a Surface Water Management Plan which will assess the area in detail and find the best solution to improve the existing assets and provide evidence for maintenance and new assets. JBA have provided a project timetable and it is proposed to arrange public consultation events with the Parish Council and the wider area to discuss the scope of the proposal and ensure that all concerns are considered and addressed. Gabrielle is leading on this from the Council and is willing to discuss any issues or concerns and raise them with the consultants.

Obviously Stoke Parish Council are sympathetic to the flooding issues experienced by the village. We can confirm that this matter is being addressed by Medway Council and we will continue to chase Medway Council to provide regular updates. In the event of any urgent queries however please direct these to either Priscilla Haselhurst or Gabrielle Bussley at Medway Council, their email addresses are shown below:

[email protected]

[email protected]

Thank you

Power Cuts

Following on from recent issues we can only encourage residents to make a claim against UK Power Networks whenever there is a power outage. The more complaints that thy receive will - in the short term - help to raise the urgency of the issues.  

Details can be found on the UK power networks website


Southern Water issues

Following on from recent events and the pumping station issues to the rear of Shepherds Way, please find a link below for the water regulatory company for England and Wales